We are proud of the candidates we represent.  The very best of Creative and Administrative professionals.


The process of finding a new job can be a difficult journey that can make many of us feel vulnerable.

 At epic search group, inc. and epic interactive, we strive to make you feel comfortable during your search.  We want your next professional role to match with your skills and career objectives.  Our goal is to ensure that your placement is not just a job, rather a long-lasting and worthwhile relationship between you and your employer.  Additionally, we know how important it is to find a company culture that matches with your work style and values.


During our in-person interview, we will discuss your current and future career goals, salary expectations, and employment history.  We will only submit your resume to the jobs and companies we agree upon, so we can ensure that each job we send you to is one that you are qualified for and comfortable with.  Most importantly, your recruiter will work with you, offering professional advice and guidance along the way.


            If you are interested in speaking with epic search group or epic interactive, please call

(310) 838-6310 or email us at info@epicsearchgroup.com.

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