"As recruiters flood the market, I thought it is worth mentioning that Tara Gomes offers unparalleled service to the industry. Your recruitment investment is well spent as Tara surely makes the mark! She delivers top quality candidates promptly as well as results consistently, thus, earning the respect from candidates and clients. Tara is so competent that she manages all search activities efficiently and obtains needed resources effectively in a fast-paced environment. Her market expertise improves results and her in-depth knowledge is key for such optimal results. She knows every facet of the job and proactively learns new trends and emerging best practices and is able to influence the whole search process. She attends to the client's needs yet does not neglect the candidates' needs throughout the process, after having carefully reviewed competencies. She has ensured that her service goes beyond the recruiting process. Tara, I believe, is one of the best recruiters I have worked with". - CLIENT, MANAGEMENT CONSULTING FIRM

"I work with Tara whenever I need to fill administrative roles and she always delivers. I have not needed to call upon other recruiters since I met Tara because she continually sends me the BEST selection of individuals. I have hired someone from her each time she worked on a search for me. She has never let me down! Now that she has expanded her specialty into the creative market I have been amazed at how knowledgeable she is and her ability to produce the most accomplished talent is astounding! She is now 2 recruiters in one! Her Business Partner, Joe, has been so beneficial to Epic and together they make a great team! Tara is flexible, patient, professional, and an unbelievably talented recruiter. Joe is knowledgeable of his field and is so easy to work with. What is best about Tara is she gets to know the company which makes all the difference in a recruiter. When I meet someone from her, I trust that she has hand selected them especially for us. I am so proud of her and even more proud to have worked with Epic Search Group and recently Epic Interactive!


"Tara placed me at my current job and I was privileged to work with her. She is kind and deeply understanding of how painstaking it can be to look for a job here in Los Angeles. From the moment I heard her voice on the phone, I felt comfortable with her. I knew I was in good hands. She assisted me through the process of comprehending what would be the best work environment for me, salary expectations, interviewing with her clients, and deciding on job offers. I ended up taking a job with a company that I would not have ever considered without her advice. I could not be happier where I am at and I owe it to Tara. I have been promoted to a higher level position and I know this is my dream job. I am happy to recommend her to anyone looking for that wonderful career opportunity!


"Tara has been a lifesaver for me over the past several years. She continues to provide me with the most qualified pool of candidates. Some of which still work here! Tara definitely understands that hiring professionals who appoint recruiters, want to work with someone who goes above and beyond - who provides honesty and direction. Tara definitely meets this expectation. Most importantly, she understands what her job is all about. That is, to assist us and to make our jobs easier during the recruiting process. Tara has repeatedly made clear, through her actions and her results, that she does not believe in sending me numerous upon numerous resumes. Every resume I receive from Tara has been of the most qualified and professional candidates. Each position I need to fill, I turn to Tara, as I know she will provide me with candidates who fit the requirements and who will make a difference at this company. Tara does not ever go into a search with the intent of just "closing the deal". Her high standards and ethics are proven each time I work with her." - CLIENT, ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN FIRM


"Tara is a true pleasure to work with! She not only looks for the best opportunity for her candidates, she also truly cares about them as individuals. Through the years of working with Tara on a professional level, I trust her with anything. She is not only extremely professional at her job, she is also a good human being."



The names of clients, companies, and candidates have been withheld to protect the integrity of our relationships and the confidentiality of our searches.

What an honor it is to recommend Epic to anyone looking for employment in Game Design! Tara and Joe are equally as pleasant and they made me feel so at ease. They spoke to me as a professional and were completely honest about what I should expect during the process. Tara made my experience so much less stressful by advising me on what market I should focus on based on my experience, qualifications, and skill level. She definitely knows how to make the match between her candidates and clients. What is even more admirable, is her deep understanding of the office culture of the companies she works with. She was able to decipher which company would be best for me based on my personality type and work style. Joe, with his industry knowledge, also offered very beneficial information. Thanks to this incredibly talented and knowledgeable team, I have secured a job that I know is the best all-around fit for me. Thanks Epic!


Tara is THE recruiter I call when I have to find a capable Executive Assistant and/or Administrative Assistant. I have been working with her for years now and I could not imagine working with any other recruiter. She is meant to do this! I have never found a recruiter who has the interest in really making a match for us, not just sending me resumes. When I receive resumes from Tara, I know that each candidate has been thoroughly screened, tested, and personally selected by her. She has an instinct and an eye for who is the best fit at our firm. Tara has made my job so much easier over the years! - CLIENT, COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE FIRM